I'm ONE!!!

It's a few days late, but I made it my 1st birthday!!! I had a really fun week full of celebrations & cake!! :) I haven't had my 12 month appointment with the doctor yet, but I'm weighing in at about 23 lbs and am about 29 in tall. I still LOVE food and had been trying all sorts of new foods. I loved the pizza I tried at my party! I now have 8 teeth and have more coming in (which can make me a little cranky). I enjoyed swimming during the summer and love playing outside. My biggest accomplishment this past week is that I started walking!! I decided the day after I turned 1 that it was time to put all the steps together and now I can't be stopped!! :)

Elijah James

Born: July 25th at 1:30am

Weight: 8lbs 1oz

Length: 20in

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